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Here's what people are saying...

"Logan is a good guy who actually knows the subject matter thoroughly – the type today’s firearms industry needs." - the late S. P. Fjestad, author and publisher, Blue Book Publications, Inc.

"Logan has an appreciation and excitement for the history of guns." - Jay Shachter, president, Vintage Firearms Inc.

"You think you know firearms history? Think again. Logan is the authority." - Gun Talk Media 

"This is 'Forgotten Weapons' caliber stuff." - Christopher Dover, CloverTac Productions

"He has rekindled my faith in the next generation of museum professionals." - Kenneth S., retired museum curator, Virginia

"Logan knows his firearms and does a splendid job colorizing each era of our country's history." - Joseph P., Pennsylvania

"He is a master of history!" - Kayley C., Virginia

"Logan has a world of knowledge and knows the art of presenting it in a fun and engaging way." - Allison T., Virginia

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