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As a museum professional, firearms historian, and consultant, Logan Metesh can help you with:

Logan Metesh, filming, guns, Curator's Corner

Video Content

Logan is comfortable both in front of the camera as a "talking head" and behind the scenes as a production consultant.

Logan Metesh, UMW, firearms history, lecture

Lectures & Writing

Logan gives lectures (in person & virtual) and writes on a broad range of firearms, history, and museum related topics.

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Curation & Consultation

Logan has spent his career working in museums and can help you figure out how to best care for and display your collection.

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Historic Research

One of Logan's favorite things to do is perform historic research of all kinds, including historic arms in private collections and in the care of museums.

If you have an idea or a project that would benefit from his help, Logan wants to hear about it. Contact him via email at or call him at 313-410-5961.

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