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Winchester Model 1886 from the Highly Finished Arms Catalog

Updated: May 6, 2021

Engraved, inlaid, carved, and embellished arms are some of the most eye-catching and highly collectible pieces on the market, regardless of maker. That said, Winchester rifles exhibiting these qualities always seem to rise to the top, making them the blue chip investments of the collectible gun world.

Collectors and engravers alike have long studied the 1897 Winchester publication, Highly Finished Arms, and there are many gorgeous guns out there today that were inspired by those pattern guns featured in that booklet.

This particular Winchester 1886 is different, though.

It's been determined that this gun is the actual pattern gun depicted in the booklet! No engraver or stock carver creates two pieces that are exactly alike. Similar, yes, but not exactly alike. That's why the experts at Lewis & Grant Auctions have studied both this gun and the publication long and hard before announcing that they have identified it as THE gun in the Highly Finished Arms catalog.

An opportunity to own a piece of art like this doesn't come up often, and this gun will be available in the May 2021 sale from Lewis & Grant Auctions. Visit for more info.

UPDATE: Sold for $414,000 including 15% buyer's premium.

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