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Captain Orme's Pistols and a Rare Portrait

Orme's Pistols (Morphy Auctions)

Captain Robert Orme (1725/32-1781/90) met a young George Washington (1732-1799) when they were both serving as aides-de-camp to General Braddock during the French and Indian War.

Orme's cased pair of pistols were made by London's James Barbar (active 1740-1780) and they bear his crest on the wrist escutcheons. Along with one of the shoulder stocks, the guns were recently acquired by Fort Ligonier, where they will be put on display at their sister site - Braddock's Battlefield History Center - along with the ONLY portrait of Orme outside of London's National Gallery.

Capt. Robert Orme
Capt. Robert Orme (Fort Ligonier)

The guns have a storied history, having been researched by well-known 18th century historian Walter O'Connor before they were sold at Sotheby's in 1974. They sold again in late-2018 before coming to Fort Ligonier.

For the full story - and what is essentially a sneak peek since the guns and portrait are not yet on display - watch the short video below:

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